Makes Your Life Easier
The primary aim of the HomeClub website solution is to make the life of the local club administrator easier. It does this by providing you with an easy to use tool to communicate with players, members and supporters. Almost everyone these days has access to the Internet. Using this system you can post all fixtures online for everyone to see, post club information such as match results, reports and club notes, build up a repository of the club's history through the history section, upload photos and record a list of all officers and management involved with the club down through the years. Another example where this system can help is with the weekly submission of club notes to the local media. Through this system you have access to all the club's previous notes that you can reuse where appropriate. See the Media Contacts section below to see further information on how this system helps you with club notes.
Easy To Use
The HomeClub website solution has been developed as an easy to use system. No web skills are required to maintain the website. The club administrator simply logs on and adds fixtures, results, club notes, uploads images etc through an easy to use admin section.
Sponsorship / Advertisement
The website allows the administrator to upload sponsors (images or text). These sponsors are then visible throughout the website. This can be used by the club as an income revenue stream and as the website develops and the number of visitors increases the potential for revenue also increases. For the sponsors / advertisers there is the attraction of access to a very specific local audience.
Events Calendar
All club events can be displayed in a easy to view events calendar. The calendar can display all of your upcoming fixtures, training sessions, club meetings and any other club events that are taking place throughout the year. A mini calendar can be added to the front page to quickly show the current month's events at the club. You can also print out the monthly, weekly or daily events at your club.
Club Shop
You can now upload details of merchandise that the club has for sale onto the website, e.g. jerseys, socks, training tops, etc. You can upload photos, add prices, sizes and any additional information. Visitors to the website can then place orders using our online shopping cart and the order will be emailed through to the club. See the Mungret St Pauls GAA website for an example of this.
Photo Slideshow
Uploading photos to the website is as easy as selecting your photo and clicking an upload button. We take care of generating a thumbnail image and any resizing that needs to be done. There is no limit to the number of photos that you can upload. You can also organise your photos into categories. In Version 2 you can assign photos to a particular match. The photos can be viewed in a dynamic slideshow or individually.
For most club administrators, looking after a website can be a bit daunting to begin with. This is why HomeClub allows you to start small and grow the website as you become more comfortable with it. Say for example you wish only to display fixtures, results and club notes to begin with. In the admin section you can turn off all other options so that only the Fixtures, Results and Club Notes sections are visible to visitors. Then as you become more comfortable with using the system, you can turn on more sections.
The HomeClub website has been designed to allow visitors to interact with the site through the use of interactive polls, a message board and allowing visitors to subscribe to club notes. The front page layout has also been designed to give a “live” feel to the site through the use of fading text, scrolling club notes and sliding images. The club administrator can also change the front page layout at any time to suit the requirements of the club.
Media Contacts
Currently most clubs send in their notes to the local media outlets such as local papers and radio stations by email or over the phone. The HomeClub solution allows you to manage all your media contacts online. Then when the PRO or club administrator adds club notes in the system, the notes can be automatically sent to all media outlets as well as to users who have subscribed to the club notes via the website. The notes will also be posted live to the website. The PRO also has access to all previous club notes so can reuse any similar previous notes. This system should make the life of a club PRO or administrator much easier.